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... is what nino said. i was going to go with this poll, but i accidentally left my copies of the doramas that won at home, when we left for my father's hometown. my love for nino has been quickly growing so i thought i'd re-watch stand up!! (because finally, there are proper hard subs out, not to mention i want to watch it again because back then i barely cared about nino), but instead i ended up watching akimahende!, which aired in japan way back in 1998.

have i ever mentioned my adsgfhjgkhl;♥ utter weakness for chibi!nino? CHIBI!NINO WHO WAS STILL ALL "OH I'M SO COOL" AND HAD YET TO EMBRACE HIS INNER RETARDED DORK? yeah, well, the character nino plays in akimahende is that chibi!nino personified characterized.

anyway, akimahende is about kiyomizu katsura, an old lady who meets her first love again after thirty years. her first love (who is a rich business towel tycoon) asks her to marry him this time around, but she refuses, saying that she has yet to meet his four children (from three previous wives). she asks to take care of them as a housekeeper during the three months that he is away on a business trip, and, if she gets along with them, then she will agree to marry him.

obviously there'll be a hitch to this plan, otherwise there wouldn't have been a show. and obviously, the hitch is: THE KIDS ARE BRATS.

the oldest daughter is ayame, a (3rd rate) model married to the son of a shumai shop owner. every now and then she comes home and threatens to divorce his mama's boy of a husband. then there's sumire, who is working in a bank, and having an affair with her balding, pervy old (creepy creepy CREEPY) boss. and daiki, the only boy (and nino's character), who claims to hate girls and is all about studying studying studying and eventually getting into toudai. lastly, there's satsuki, the youngest (played by chibi!suzuki anne) who's a little disrespectful smart-mouth who loves her older brother most of all it's to the point of incest and and aaaaand nino and suzuki anne play possible love interests in stand up!! >_<.

to finish the cast off, there is nakata, the butler (or something to that effect), who has worked for the family for around thirty years now, and who keeps reminding katsura that the master will never fall in love with her. he's either in love with his boss himself, or, who knows, who might have some thing with katsura. D:

the drama, in typical japanese drama fashion, deals with katsura trying to discipline the children (if you can call them that seeing as the first two daughters are already grown women) and win them over at the same time.

here starts my actual thoughts, probably spoilery, so consider this a warning.

half the time i cannot stand katsura's character. it feels like she's trying too hard, and she can get a little overbearing (and she's an awful busybody, AND I JUST HATE THAT). (and yes, this is coming from a huge yankumi fan.) can you believe she's actually the most tolerable when she's being firm and lecturing the kiddies? because yeah, that's just about the only time i can stand her. and after a couple of episodes, the lectures kind of get old.

the kids though. the kids are brats, and should be really annoying, but most of the time, i kind of like them. daiki and satsuki, especially. i think it's because while the siblings don't really get along, the potential of their complicated relationships is just rich and precious and a field day for meta.

and i'm sure you're all familiar with my absolute squick for incest, and truth is, the daiki/satsuki is the typical japanese brother-sister icky deal, where the older brother dotes on the younger sister who adores the older brother with all her heart. i usually hate that, but for some reason, their relationship caught my eye, and i just adore the interaction between the two. maybe it's just the chemistry between the actors? all i know is, i think this is helping me gather enought courage to watch that icky matsujun twincest movie, haha.

the crappiest thing about this dorama though, is the romance. all the romantic entanglements are just plain annoying and repetitive. not to mention sumire's relationship with that creepy pervy boss of hers is just disgusting. and you know i mean it, when this disgusts me more than the potential incest of daiki and satsuki. T_T and it goes the same for daiki and his infatuation with the widower with the italian restaurant. but at least i kind of found satsuki's puppy love thing with keita cute — it stopped me from going yay with the incest (ewww) and saved my dignity from spiralling down straight towards hell.

anyway, now i spam you with chibi!nino!daiki (because to be honest, i think i sat through the entire thing just because of him):

HE LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME HOW CAN THAT BE THIS WAS ALMOST A DECADE AGO!! (especially as opposed to matsujun vs chibi!matsujun, see my bokura no yuuki spam for proof.) actually, if anything, nino looked older then, haha.

(and see what i mean about daiki/satsuki potential incest ASSDGHGJKL; it partly squicks and partly fascinates me. i am so ashamed of myself. also, [ profile] crux_australis thinks suzuki anne is a fugly little thing, but i don't know, apart from when she did gambatte ikimasshoi!, i think i kind of find her cute.)

also, also, before i end this, CHIBI!NINO!DAIKI BAKUTEN!!!

p.s. i once read somewhere that nino's always had black gums and that his gums shouldn't be a proof of his heavy smoking. they don't seem that dark to me here, what do you think? especially compared to nino's gums now. :|

happy new year!!
may 2008 be a good year for all of us. :)

geh. i missed so much in the two days i was gone, so just, yeah. this is a happy new year greeting for all of you. :)
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