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time for bullets!!

→ attention: [ profile] wapepepepe!! CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPTS FROM 2005!!! there are around three to four more conference transcripts left to post. i'll try to post at least two of them by tonight. do they not make you feel utterly nostalgic? and if that isn't enough:

→ i gave in and applied to write the shin/yankumi 'ship manifesto. i got the go signal and the deadline is on march 24!! let's hope i actually push through with this. you all know me and my tendency to leave things half-finished. anybody want to help with this project? yespleaseplease?

→ the nodame cantabile specials!! asdfghjkkjhsdfhjjkl; i have been waiting for this ever since it was announced!! but m'kay, i guess i can wait just a little bit more for the subtitles?

→ i am thinking about doing [ profile] 50bookchallenge again this year. and possibly the 100 movies thing. i was able to read fifty books last year, but i never got around to listing the last ten here. behh. typical of me.

the let's-get-to-know-each-other meme entry is still here. go get busy with it! also, revamped profile page. :)

tekkon kinkreet has such wonderful colors:

i can't even say anything more about the film itself.

well, okay, i fell in love with kuro and shiro (and nino and yuu and their voices ~ ♥) and their damn relationship. like they're each other's worlds, and it is ground for the slash of the motherfucking century, except it seems to be too pure to taint with stupid slashy thoughts. shiro with his carefree attitude, and kuro with protecting the other boy as his only purpose in life — it sounds so familiar and cliche but it plays nso wonderfull on screen with these two characters. yeah, the vivid colors probably helped out a lot, haha.

kuro is lost, batshit insane without shiro and, and, and:

SHIRO: White is missing lots of screws. Screws for my heart. He made me broken. God did. And him too, Black too. He's missing screws too, screws for his heart.
SAWADA: Black's broken too?
SHIRO: Yep. But I gots all the screws Black needs. I got every one!

they're kids, but they know what they need in life, which is each other, plain and simple. (and to be honest, the thought of putting sexual connotations in their relationship disgusts me. like i said, it feels, well, too pure.)


→ for the love of god, why can't i find a copy of orson scott card's ender's game in any book store i go to?! the sequels are all there, but why not the first book, wtfh?!

→ lastly, this year, I RESOLVE TO COMMENT ON MY FLIST MORE. and on fanfiction i read too! (unless i have nothing constructive to say, in which case, i will just keep my mouth shut.) i'm still feeling guilty about only ever commenting TWICE on [ profile] iruka11's journal despite the fact that we've been online friends even before we were on LJ. :|

if you didn't know, joe quesada is still the biggest fucktard ever. i'd talk about his fucktardness more, except i don't think i can do it coherently and i will probably just keysmash anger. :|
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