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This is a (slightly) epic entry about the (more than slightly) epic friendship of one Lee Hyukjae and one Kim Junsu. And no, sadly, I'm not writing this because I lost a bet or whatever.

I actually thought against writing this entry considering I know next to nothing about Junsu (lmao, for the longest time I kept confusing him with Yoochun, just ask [ profile] kikiam, she knows, she's the one who kept forcfeeding me all these Koreans who look alike anyway). Lol, if the DBSK fans used to know of Hyuk as that dude in Suju who's best friends with Junsu, I'm kind of the opposite. (Only kind of because I've known about DBSK for years now, except I got forcefed more with Jaejoong stuff, haha.)

But anyway, this entry is really more for myself, because I just can't resist awesome friendships, and I need all of these stories tied together in one place, and if no one else is gonna do it, then I might as well myself.

Where do I start? Well, first, this dude is Lee Hyukjae, also known as Super Junior's dancing monkey, Eunhyuk:

Lolno, he's not the most visually appealing dude out of the thirteen (or I guess fifteen now, with SJM, and also, do I have to repeat monkey over and over again?!), but he's kind of really loveable. [ profile] partaken has a post right here on reasons why Hyukjae's life is the hardest awesome. I'm not going to be repetitive.

Right at the bottom of that post, it's mentioned how he's BFFs with DBSK's Kim Junsu, and this entry is about the many ways in which that friendship is awesome. I mean these two, in front of each other, it's like they can't stop bickering and arguing, but the thing is, THAT'S JUST HOW THEY SHOW THEIR LOVE. And I really really get it, because for the most part, I'm the same way. I only tease the people I really really love. Although these two, when they're apart, THEY ARE THE CHEESIEST PAIR OF BEST FRIENDS EVER.

☆★☆ ❶ Hyukjae and Junsu's audition from 2001, I think (subbed).
→ Apparently pre-SM, they belonged to a four-member group, and that was kind of going well for them until the group was referred to SM auditions, and only Junsu made the cut, and it was at that point that the group disbanded. A year later, Hyuk was accepted by the same company, and they were pretty much inseparable from that point on.

Audition cut which also has Younha's bit at the end.

☆★☆ ❷ Junsu talks about Hyukjae on KM (subbed).
→ This clip is basically Junsu talking about his one close friend:

we heard you have a really good friend
If I were to name one person, he would be it. He's working hard in Super Junior, Eunhyuk.

super junior's eunhyuk
He's really my closest best friend even now. In grade six, I started to dream of being a singer, and Eunhyuk at the time shared the same dream, and went to the same school... In grade seven, I was picked up after an audition, and one year later, in the same month, he was picked up by the same company.

entering the same company after 1 year - 'eunhyuk'
So since then we always practiced together.

'xiah' and 'eunhyuk' are classmates
We went to all the same schools up to and including high school. We were sometimes in the same class. After school, we'd walk together to go to practice, and we'd walk home together, and meet the next day at school, and meet for lunch and sometimes we'd play soccer at lunch, and when the school's over again, we'd take the subway together to the practice studio.

2 friends that are having the same dream ...
So we did this daily for five or six years, so I'm sure you can imagine how close we are. So we nurtured the same dream . And I'd always walk on the left, and he'd always walk on the right. Left-Xiah, Right Eunhyuk. If we'd ever switch, we'd go it's strange, and switch back. So we were always really together.

eunhyuk also likes soccer
And Eunhyuk also really likes soccer and he's good at it! We were in the same soccer team too. We even created that soccer team, the two of us... So if I were to talk about one person, it would be Eunhyuk.

dear eunhyuk...
When you debuted as Super Junior, I was really happy. I was really thankful that you had hung onto me up to that point. And I was proud. There's not much to say, other than that. If you try hard, things will work out. So work hard, my friend.
Same clip, @ 02:42: Junsu's 100Q & 100A, where he can't shut the fuck up about Hyuk. FOR SRS.
12.) Specialties:
Singing, arguing with Hyukjae.

19.) Least Fav. Food:
Most of the things Hyukjae likes to eat.

30.) Person I like least:
Hyukjae. You know how when little boys like a girl they can't stfu about them stop teasing them girls? Oh yes.

32.) Something I'm worried about:
Hyukjae keeps talking back to me.

36.) What I do when I'm mad:
Go and beat Hyukjae.

41.) Something that happens everyday:
Hyukjae steals my clothes!

45.) What I regret most in my life:
Not hitting Hyukjae when I had the chance.

46.) If I left a will before I die:
hi!! Hyukjae!! ^0^

52.) Do you ever want to beat a small kid:
Only if they're like Hyukjae.

57.) If you were to be in a drama what kind of character would you want to play:
Hyukjae's older brother. [Junsu is 8 months younger than Hyukjae]

58.) When do you most not like your friend:
When he talks back (ahem, Hyukjae, ahem.)

61.) Favorite book (comics can be included):

68.) What would you do if you found 1000 dollars in the street:
I'd give it to Hyukjae, aren't I sweet? ^0^

76.) What game am I best at:
Anything, Hyukjae always loses to me.

78.) When did you ever feel like cursing yourself?:
When I lost an argument to Hyukjae. of course.

80.) What would you do if you were walking and you farted when it was a quiet:
God, Hyukjae that's nasty! ...???...

82.) Good/bad thing about our country:

87.) What I do when I'm stressed:
Beat Hyukjae

89.) What kind of teacher do you hate:
Any teacher that's like Hyukjae.

91.) What would you do if someone grabbed your things and started running:
I'd make Hyukjae run after it for me.
I mean come on, 20 out of a hundred questions you answer with nonsense bullshit about a single person. No one else made that much of an appearance in Junsu's 100Q & 100A. There's barely even any mention of his twin brother, for chrissakes. Their adorable friendship makes me cry with happiness. ;_;

☆★☆ ❸ Hyukjae talks about Junsu on the Radio (subbed)
→ Oh man oh man oh man. Hyuk is a really emotional sap and this video just proves it. I think it's right after debut so he's kind of really not visually appealing here (lolgodno never bring back those blond extensions m'kay?), but he is just adorable and you just want to hug him. Bonus because he's being adorable by talking about his BFF.
Who was the most helpful person who inspired you the most?
Of course, there are my parents, and the members, but... to be honest, I would pick DBSK's member Xiah Junsu. We're life long friends. We have been friends since we were little. We were always together, we practiced together, sang together, always together.

So now, to Xiah Junsu...?
He debuted first, and then he kept being apologetic about to me about that.

That could happen
But because my friend was doing well, I was really proud of him, and I applauded him in my heart. So I wanted for both us to reach our dreams and meet in our success. he's always been a great strength to me. He's always the one who contacts me first.

It's a rare thing to keep such friendship and working in the same field... Since Junsu might listen to this later, please say a message to Junsu.
Junsu.. Ah, I've never called you directly by your name before... This is Hyukjae, uh, my real name is Hyukjae (this is to the other people in the studio, lmao). We used to fight a lot, and were into a lot of mischief together, but were always close. But I've always made fun of you, and I don't think I've ever thanked you before. I've never told you that you are my precious friend, but I've always felt that you are my precious friend. And I hope that we both work hard together.


And then the other people at the radio station go all "aaaaahhhh" and Hyuk's really really embarrassed but it's really fucking sweet, and damn.

➥ Lol usually when celebrities are asked to thank people or when they're asked who in their life has helped them be who they are and helped them achieve what they have, they usually answer 'parents' or any other relative. Or even a general 'my friends.' I love how, with Hyuk and Junsu it's always specific, always each other. ♥

☆★☆ ❹ 080402 ArirangTV ShowBizExtra - Star Monologue - Eunhyuk (subbed)
→ This is a really new video, of Hyuk talking about various stuff that led up to his current success as a member of Super Junior. At 02:17, he starts talking about Junsu:
❝I was actually pleased when Xiah, who was like my brother, made his debut earlier than me. His happiness was my happiness. As he had to prepare his debut as a DBSK member, I wasn't able to meet him as often as I did. Though I felt lonely and isolated at times, I was really proud of him. When he topped the charts, I even shed tears. I called him after his television debut. Both of us burst into tears. Xiah said he wanted to see me on stage soon. We encouraged each other while in tears. I think he's the driving force behind my debut.❞
❝Junsu-yah, now we've become friends having to say 'hello' through a video message. I miss talking to each other face to face. It's sad that we don't meet as often as we did, though we call each other whenever we have time. Let's maintain our strong friendship and become friends who look after and cheer each other up. And behave well, my friend!❞
➥ I'm sure Hyuk must have felt even just the slightest resentment when Junsu debuted earlier than he did, I mean it's kind of impossible not to be even a little frustrated about that. But Hyuk is a good man, so I will always believe when he says that he was happy for his best friend when it happened. The story about the two of them bursting into tears on the phone, after Junsu first appeared on TV is one of the most awww-worthy stories ever, and I can imagine Hyuk working so hard just so he can reach Junsu again, and because Junsu said he wanted to see Hyuk debut as soon as possible. And it really is kind of sad, you know, how they're both so busy now that they barely see each other face to face, when they used to always be together, Hyukjae&Junsu, attached at the hip. But it's also kind of awesome how far they've gone in the industry, and yet they still remain best friends. DO YOU EVEN SEE WHAT I MEAN BY EPIC HERE? sfdsfghdfjhklk;

☆★☆ ❺ JunSu & HyukJae during Red Sun Photoshoot
→ No subs, but it's them being all cute and bff-y and bickering as per usual. I think somewhere in the comments someone explains what's going on, but it's really just half the point, lol.

☆★☆ ❻ Junsu's solo 'ALL RISE' feat. Hyukjae rapping
I think this was DBSK's first major concert or something (correct me if I'm wrong). Lmao, I like to think of Blue's All Rise as their BFF song haha. But yeah, Junsu sings a Korean version and Hyuk enters at 03:35 and raps, and just. Guh. BFFs. Together. ON STAGE. :DDDDDD And there's I thought, when I first saw this, afgsdhgfjgk they're finally performing together after both debuting and they must feel so great about themselves and each other.♥

☆★☆ ❼ DBSK on Super Junior's Kiss the Radio 1~5 (subbed)
→ LOL, I'm not really a fan of DBSK (and I probably won't become one any time soon, because if I resisted them some two years ago when [ profile] kikiam was still crazy about them, I probably won't fall for them now that she's over them, haha) but I sat through the entirety of this looking for some epic Hyuksu interaction. It didn't disappoint. This is where you get to see their endless bickering and teasing, which is probably why this is going to be the longest part of this entry. :DDDD
Part 1, @ 02:43
Jaejoong: I think Junsu's slightly not so well today, mentally, somewhat...
Changmin: I think Eunhyuk-hyung's not quite well today either...
Junsu: Physically I feel fine, but mentally, I'm stressed...
Eunhyuk: In my case, I'm not pleased at all.
Eeteuk: Actually, when Eunhyuk-sshi found out that DBSK was gonna be on, he said, 'Ah hyung, I'm in big trouble, I have to say nice things. But it's gonna be hard since Junsu is gonna be there.'
Junsu: In my case, I thought KTR was run by Eeteuk by himself. If there are both of you, then you have to split the pay. I think Eeteuk is fine by himself, why is Eunhyuk here?
Eunnyuk: That's like asking, 'why is Xiah Junsu in DBSK?'
Everyone: *laughter*
Junsu: Eunhyuk is a DJ, right? DJ, whatever~
Everyone: *more laughter*
Eeteuk: There may be listeners who are confused and think that Eunhyuk and Xiah Junsu don't get along. They're actually lifelong friends who have been together since they were little.
Eunhyuk: Apart from being close, we don't really get along well. Xiah Junsu?
Junsu: Yeah?
Eunhyuk: Uhm, right... *giggle*
Junsu: Please speak.. *laughter*
Eunhyuk: No.. umm.. right..
Everyone: *laughter*
➥ Oh god, I love that their group members actually bait them into starting their bickering sessions. (And at only two minutes in at that!) It's like everyone is aware of their ~*SHINING*~ friendship (but then again that's because everyone is aware, lol) and can't wait for the two to get at it because it amuses everyone how much they argue and yet how much they love each other anyway, haha. Lololol Changmin espcially. Because then Eeteuk and Hyuk go on to ask how the DBSK members feel about guesting in Sukira for the first time and Changmin's all, 'Yeah Junsu-hyung how is it?' like he wants Junsu to say more and argue more with Hyuk, lmaoooooooooo. Actually, here, more Changmin baiting:
Part 1, @ 05:56
Eeteuk: The youngest in DBSK, Changmin, let's hear him talk.
Changmin: About what?
Eeteuk: How do you feel about Super Junior's Kiss the Radio?
Changmin: First, I'm really happy to be participating in this radio program... and also, to be with our member's best friend...
Junsu: Changmin, I'm sorry to interrupt. But please don't keep bringing it up.
Eunhyuk: *laughter* (lol at least I think that's Hyuk laughing)
Junsu: Just talk about the things you want to...
Changmin: I did wonder how they'll run the program together, and whether they'll fight live on air. It's really fun.
Hyuksu: *laughter*
Eunhyuk Right... because I'm a DJ, I can't be... like that. I must restrain myself. Eeteuk, please hold me back.
Eeteuk: I'll hold you back.
➥ I love how Junsu's all stop mentioning that we're best friends over and over IT'S KIND OF EMBARRASSING, lololololol. But I kind of like to think that the two of them heard about this and were really really really excited. Heck they probably called each other up as soon as they heard and were all 'did you hear?! did you hear?! are you excited? you are? don't be such a girl!' asdfsdghfjkh SO MUCH WONDERFUL SHIT THERE.
Part 1, @ 07:41, talking about DBSK showing new sides to themselves
Junsu: We wanted to show our ordinary characteristics so that we'd be more approachable... and aspects that feel more comfortable. What do you think?
Eunhyuk: It was good to watch. Dong Bang Shin Ki...
Eeteuk: Eunhyuk. I realize you're close, but stop trying to fight.
Junsu: DJ's supposed to run the program.
Eunhyuk: Alright...
➥ sdfsghj; Junsu and Hyuk are kind of sitting next to each other (sort of, go watch it yourself to see what I mean, lol), and I love that when he laughs he keeps leaning over towards Hyuk. *___*
Part 2, @ 00:01, talking about Changmin and his Porn, Lmao
Junsu: Actually, with those videos, I'm sure Eunhyuk can really identify with him.
Eunhyuk: To be honest, I learned from Xiah Junsu.
Eeteuk: That's what I heard too. I heard Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk used to share them.
Everyone: *laughter*
Eunhyuk: I'll expose his secret. It was before we debuted, on a day off. I was at home and Junsu was at his house. We don't call each other usually, and suddenly, Junsu called. And I answered, wondering, what does he want? He said, 'Hyukjae, what's your dad's citizen number?' (apparently your citizen number can proved your legality or sth, so I'm assuming Junsu wanted it so he can use it rent or buy porn or sth. Whatever. It's Hyuksu and porn, lmao.)
Eeteuk: That's really extreme!
Eunhyuk: Honestly...
Junsu: I can't remember!
Eunhyuk: Because he was underaged at the time...
Junsu: Honestly, to defend Changmin's position as well, if you're a guy, I'm sure you've...
Eeteuk: So you're admitting to it?
Junsu: No~
??? Why did you sell out your friend's father's name?
Junsu: I can't even remember! This hasn't happened... I just like... free stuff... (maybe if you're legal you get free stuff? Or free porn? IDEK, lol)
➥ Then Teuk is all 'I would like to clarify that this event is true,' haha. But then lol, we all know a few months later, all his bandmates are going to be talking about Hyuk and his porn. Lolololololololololololol.
Part 2 @ 05:19, talking about DBSK's recent hairstyle changes
Junsu: The color, I don't even know where it came from, but my hair used to always be longer, so I wanted it to be shorter this time, so it's short.
Eeteuk: It's very masculine.
Junsu: Thank you. But Eunhyuk says it doesn't suit me.
Eunhyuk: The reason is... I'll tell you later.
Hyuksu (and I guess everyone else?): *laughter*
➥ Lmao, Hyuk just maybe doesn't like Junsu's short hair because he can't run his fingers through it anymore? Hahahahahahaha. A tinhat comment I know, but why the fuck can't he say his reasons on air anyway?! And what the fuck is up with everyone's knowing laughter at Hyuk's comment? *snerks*
Part 2 @ 07:48
Eeteuk: From the beginning, it's been fun to watch Junsu and Eunhyuk bicker, but let's listen to this song first, and then we'll talk again.
Dude. IDEK why Eeteuk has to mention it, but I love it. I love how everyone is all HYUKSU ARE BFFS YO AREN'T THEY AWESOME? :DDDDDDD [ profile] kikiam and I were talking about how Eeteuk seems to be esp fond of them and their friendship, and it's probably because he was witness to the awesomeness even from during their trainee days. There are actually stories about how as a hyung, Eeteuk really did take care of Hyuk and Junsu, even though the two were really mischievous brats who loved pranking him and stuff. ♥ Oh the love of a hyung for his dongsaengs. :DDD
Part 3 @ 03:21
Eeteuk: All the members debuted in high school, and middle school. But if you were to go back to high school again, what would you want to do?
Eunhyuk: If you were an ordinary high school student...
Jaejoong/Yoochun (lol sorry I'm not familiar with their voices, and the subs didn't say who was talking): I think Junsu and Eunhyuk would want to go back to the days when they used to get along. 'Used to get along' as in past tense.
Everyone: *laughter*
Junsu: If we were to go back, we used to love soccer. I would wonder, 'why are we on the same team?'
(Eunhyuk: Yeah..)
Eunhyuk: To say the reason, Junsu had nowhere to play soccer. So I let him join the team that I had created. He said he loved soccer but he didn't have a place to play.. so I asked my other team members to be lenient, and despite all the complaints...
Everyone: *laughter*
Junsu: But!! On that team, I scored the most.
Eunhyuk: Really, you weren't a very cooperative player.
Eeteuk: These two always played together from the first time I met them. When I asked them if they had any other friends, they said: 'we ostracize the rest of the school'
➥ Lol translation: they were so tight they had no need for other friends. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Part 4 @ 00:44, talking about DBSK's ideal girls
Junsu: My ideal is a girl who's athletic. She doesn't have to be good, but it'd be nice if she enjoyed sports. And with a cheerful personality?
Eeteuk: A cheerful personality. Junsu's ideal is an athlete.
Eunhyuk: The question is... will a girl like that really accept Junsu?
➥ Lol Junsu goes on talking about his ideal and Hyuk keeps making side comments to the point where Junsu's all "STFU BE QUIET" hahahaha.
Part 4 @ 01:21, still on girls
Eeteuk: You don't have specific heights or weights?
Junsu: Like Yoochun said, I don't think I have such criteria.
Eunhyuk: Yes, you do!!
Eeteuk/Junsu? He knows something...
Eunhyuk: Junsu used to say, he likes voluptuous women.
Everyone: *laughter*
Junsu: No! I must clarify this. That's Eunhyuk's ideal girl. I've never said such things.
Eeteuk: I think both Eunhyuk and Junsu like voluptuous women.
Eunhyuk: *embarrassed laughter*
➥ YOU TWO NEVER STOP BEING YOU TWO. Their friendship is all about bringing each other down to the lowest and yet standing by each other no matter what. Seriously. I do not doubt Teukie, it's definitely the both of them who likes their girls curvy. :P
Part 5 @ 00:53
Eunhyuk: How was your first experience with Kiss the Radio?
Junsu: Rather than feeling like we're on air, it felt like we were just chatting like we used to.
Eeteuk: And I know Eunhyuk and Junsu always bicker, but whenever Eunhyuk's asked to pick a friend more precious than his own life, he always picks Junsu. He'd say he's sometimes sorry and even shed tears.
Eunhyuk: *embarrassed snickers*
Junsu: I watched that!!
Eeteuk: Did you?
Junsu: On the radio, he said, 'Junsu, I love you.'
Everyone: *laughter*
Eeteuk: He's (Eunhyuk's) acting shy.
Junsu: He's shy in front of me. Because he likes me.
Eeteuk: He likes you?
Eunhyuk: It was for the program. For the program.
➥ Lol obviously they're talking about the clip above, where Hyuk was all "I love you" to Junsu. Lol Junsu, what a best friend, making fun of Hyuk for it. But I'm sure he really did feel touched when he heard that. Fuck I'll betcha he even cried himself. I won't be surprised if he did sdfgdfjhgk. And lol here goes Eeteuk again with the obvious fondness for the two, and darling, embarrassed Hyuk trying to deny his public confession of love. ♥♥♥

☆★☆ ❽ Junsu calls Super Junior's Kiss the Radio, c. late 2006? (translations)
→ There's no point copy-pasting the entrie thing here, if I'm already linking to translations, but yeah, there are some totally amazing bits here, such as:
Junsu: Ah...Eunhyuk...can't you change the DJ to another Super Junior member?
Sungmin: Junsu should understand. In this world when there is good, there is evil and when there is a sweet taste, there is a bitter taste.
Yehsung: Yea thats right. Junsu yah...anyways...right now...
Junsu: Thats right. Our Eunhyuk needs to be there to brighten up Jung...Eeteuk hyung. (Thats right) I will acknowledge that. (hahahaha)
Eeteuk: I knew you would say that! I knew you would say that!
EunHyuk: Thats right. Since Xiah Junsu is in DBSK, the other members are able to shine brightly.
Eeteuk: Now for personal stuff, please call each other after the radio is done. Now DBSK!
Junsu: I will call you later. I will call you later Eunhyuk ah, okay?
Eunhyuk: I won't answer! I won't answer! I won't answer!
Eeteuk: Ah...lets put our awkward laughs behind. Thanks for the congrats phone call Junsu!
Junsu: Congratulations again! I'm looking forward to EunHyuk.

☆★☆ ❾ Junsu calls Super Junior's Kiss the Radio on Valentines' 2008 (subbed)
→ And a more recent Sukira call from Junsu. It contains bff-ery the likes of:
Junsu: Normally, I hardly praise Hyukjae.
Eeteuk: That I know.
Junsu: But today I want to praise him. It's actually not for Hyukjae, it's for Hyukja. (apparently Hyukja is a character that Hyuk's role-playing for a KTR segment)
Eeteuk: Ah so the praise is not fro Hyukjae but the character he plays.
Junsu: Actually, I've been listening to Kiss the Radio ever since the first day it got broadcasted. And when Hyukja appeared in the role-playing segment, I started clapping.
Eeteuk: Aaah, clapping and laughing?
Junsu: Yes, I laughed and clapped. It was cute. I eventually became a Hyukja fan.
Eunhyuk: Then how about dating Hyukja?
Junsu: Ah... But when I think of that face, I feel like it's not going to work out.
Eeteuk: *laughter*
Junsu: No matter what, today has been good. Eeteuk-hyung is handsome, and Hyukja is also doing well.
Eeteuk: Junsu seems to be saying it for the first time.
Junsu: But I really like Eeteuk-hyung.
Eeteuk: But it doesn't seem that you like me that much.
Junsu: *laughter*
Eeteuk: I've been a DJ for a year or two now and you only just said that you're my fan today, it's quite saddening.
Eunhyuk: Precisely.
Junsu: I am actually a Super Junior fan, but an anti Hyukjae.
Eeteuk/Eunhyuk: Really?
Junsu: Yes, anti, but I feel like it's slowly changing, because I'm starting to like Hyukja.
➥ God I love how they can outwardly bash and tease other but there are still a lot of implications that they're really really really proud of what the other has done and achieved. "I've been listening to Sukira since it's first day," is Junsu practically saying, "I've been listening to the radio program because my best friend is DJ-ing, and isn't he great?" It's like these two can't be normal people and just say what they mean clearly, ahaha. And the wonderful thing is, I might be reading between the lines, but I'm probably not far off from the truth. Because it's how it is with these two. And shut up with fanservice, because lol what's the use of excessive fanservice when they're in different bands? Pssh.

☆★☆ ❿ Hyukjae talking about Junsu on PKR's Wonderful Outing (subbed, @ 04:10)
→ This is actually more Hyuk/Su/Hae, but it's a perfect illustration of the kind of mischief Hyuk and Junsu loved to pull when they were younger, so I had to put it here.
Eunhyuk: [T]here was a time when we purposefully made Donghae cry. Before debut, DBSK's Junsu and I got together and talked: 'let's make Donghae cry.'
Donghae: It was when I hadn't been with the company for long. Eunhyuk and Junsu were there for more than a year, I had only been there for two months. But my situation got to be better.
Eunhyuk: Donghae was about to debut soon at the time. So Junsu and I teased him. 'Donghae-yah, you're now going to change. They say celebrities change. We won't matter to you anymore,' we said and teased him. We teased him, and he just walked away. And then we heard sobbing from the bathroom.
Donghae: *embarrassed smile*
Eunhyuk: We were about to go in, and he punched the door, 'I'm not gonna change!!'
➥ Ohgads, I feel like young Hyuk and Junsu were troublemakers to the core, the type who just want to smack behind their heads for being so mischievous. And nowadays, what with Hyuk the usual butt of his band mates' jokes, the usual fool of hidden cams, and Kangin's current favorite victim, I feel like Junsu is constantly making fun of him. Lol, there was this episode on EHB where Hyuk kept getting his shorts pulled down, and one time it was Donghae, of all people who did it, and in my mind, I like to think that Junsu saw that episode, called Hyuk up and really laughed at him saying "DUDE THAT WAS THE SORT OF SHIT WE USED TO PULL ON DONGHAE." Oh Hyuk, youre life never ceases to be hard. ♥

☆★☆ More Hyuksu BFF-ery I gathered from lurking around in forums and communities:

→ Apparently, Junsu and Hyuk had two chances to debut together, the first one in the random four-member group that had to break up when Junsu made it to SM, and then when they were in SM, they were supposedly in an R&B trio, but they kept postponing the debut for that one because Junsu's voice had yet to break. So technically both times was because of Junsu, so he blamed himself hard for not being able to debut with his best friend. But as Hyuk's the most awesome person ever (LOL LET'S PRETEND THERE ARE NO BIASES HERE ♥), he just stood by Junsu's side the whole time and supported his best friend all throughout. sfdsdghfjkhlkjk' Hyuk be my BFF. ;_;
➥ Junsu's kind of always been a step ahead of Hyuk, which is kind of sad, in a way. I mean he got accepted by the company first, and he got to debut first. Lol, sometimes, I think Hyuk is such a great dancer because he really worked hard at it, just so he can keep up with his best friend. He knows he can't compare when it comes to singing skills (lol in the audition clip above, Junsu get's a 90 for singing, and Hyuk gets an 80, and in all the other categories, they tie at 85), so he works hard at dance and rap. But then this just might be me tinhatting. ♥

HwaSoo High School Interview with Hyukjae and Junsu
→ Basically Hyuk and Junsu talking about their dreams of becoming singers. Young Hyuksu interaction. :DDDD

Hyukjae and Junsu: Same Poses
→ A thread in Soompi where some really meticulous person went and found picture of Hyuk and Junsu in similar poses. I like picspamming but I will never have the patience to do anything similar. (Yo, if I did, you'd have seen an Aiba&Jun: Same Poses post from me a long time ago, haha.)

➃ Lol, I can't remember which community or forums I read this but apparently, once, while DBSK was in Japan, Junsu placed a collect call to Hyukjae in Korea, and they talked FOR FOUR HOURS. It was overseas and collect, so you can only imagine the kind of scolding Hyukjae got from Suju's manager-hyungs afterwards. It's really kind of sweet though, lolololol four hours talking to each other. Do you see what I mean by bickering publicly but being the sweetest pair ever in private? Heh.

→ A fan gave JunSu a pair of identical rings and told him to give it to his best friend. He gave it to HyukJae, and both wear their rings on their index fingers.

eta (for personal preference, lmao)

notes: most translations are transcribed from the original youtube videos (with a little grammar tweaking), so credit goes to the original translators and subbers. :)
also, obviously, text in blue appearing in the middle of translations or transcripts are my retarded comments. :p

☆★☆ To top it all off, some fic recommendations, as this seemed to have turned into something resembling a hybrid between a pimp post and a 'ship manifesto, haha:

[ profile] tongzhiai: best enemies or, stories of one friendship
→ Lovely, lovely fic that I've read at least a dozen times by now. All the anecdotes told in this entry? They all feature in somehow in this epic one-shot. You can tell how much the author loves the pair, even though she doesn't really take them towards the romantic route, and chooses instead a more realistic approach to storytelling. But then, that's exactly the beauty of it. The story is full of highs and lows, with bits of aptly placed angst. I mean seriously, my heart hurt in some places, because that's just what Hyuksu makes you feel sometimes. Like Hyukjae said, it's sad how they've become the kind of friends who say hello in video messages now, and how can one not be saddened by that? But it's also a really hopeful fic, much like Hyukjae and Junsu are, working to achieve their dreams and yet never letting go of their friendship. (The first time I read this? I wanted so bad for some to write an Aibajun fic as epic, for srs.)

[ profile] tongzhiai: (this rhyme, well it's) one of a kind
→ Kind of rated R (or light NC-17), but the porn isn't even really the point. I didn't like it as much as the other fic at first, but after rereading it, well. It's Hyukjae and Junsu being bittersweet again, with the infamous bickering, but also being really awkward with each other. It's Hyuk and Junsu missing each other, wanting each other to be by each other's sides at the top, but knowing that they have to do it separately. What I love so much about the author's Hyuksu, is that she makes them seem so fucking OTP without making them all romantic. She just writes the two as they are, best friends.

☆★☆ Lastly mini picspam. Not so much though, as LOL, Hyuk really does look more like a monkey next to Junsu, sadly.

OH MAN. That was longer than intended. I wonder if anyone even reached this part of the post? Haha. But if anyone has any more Hyuksu tidbits to share, or more Videos for sharing just comment. (Or if you think I should credit someone that I didn't, just say so.) Even though admittedly it's kind of retarded how I can spend an entire afternoon just typing useless stuff like this, I still can't get enough of these two. ;_;

Look [ profile] kikiam! I actually went ahead and wrote this entry. THIS IS BECAUSE YOU WENT TO TRINOMA AND I HAD A VERY BORING AFTERNOON. So don't laugh, okay? Okay.

[ profile] cookiehour!! I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I didn't know. ;_; dgfcdjhgk; I wasn't even able to get back to you on AIM last night. :(:(:( But I hope you had a good one. :DDDD
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