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(haha, that line never gets old.)

sure, i've seen gokusen at least a dozen times over, but recently, i thought i wanted to watch it again. this time not only as an obsessive shinkumi fan but as a !$&^*%*&^*&!&^wordscannotexpress matsujun fangirl. ^^; (basic result: i helplessly snigger everytime he's on screen — apparently i still can't get past the ugly teeth, lol.)

as i thought, a picspam came out of it, and i'm only up `til episode 3, haha. (y'now, tbh, i think i unconsciously require myself to spazz over gokusen at least once a year. no, really.)

let's start with a newly woken, slightly tousled yankumi. just because we can. :D

episode 2;  )

you know, i do think jun was best at being momo (kimi wa petto) and that he totally owned being domyouji (hana yori dango), but no matter what, it seems i still like matsujun as shin best. ♥

for narishun_kun, some matsuyama kenichi in gokusen, haha )

and i will insert more kenichi just for you the next time i do a gokusen pic spam, lol. actually this entry was supposed to be for episodes 2 and 3, but it became much more spamm-y than i thought it would. here's sto hoping i have the patience to do all the episodes. i'm kind of aiming for it, heh. :)

lastly, there's supposed to be a jun drama next season (with kato ai accdg to rumors). i kind of both want it and not so much. jun's already shooting TWO MOVIES after all. he's going to look all exhausted again like in 2006. :|
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Bokura no Yuuki ~ Miman Toushi ~ is an old drama from 1997. The story is about a bunch of kids (18 and below) who survived a disease that only affected adults. The disease came from a meteorite which landed on Makahara, Chiba, and the government is trying to disguise the accident as an earthquake. Someone just started subbing it.

And, the main point of attraction for me? Matsumoto Jun at the tender age of fourteen. Heh. 1997 was pre-Arashi, pre-voice-breaking, pre-bad!skin and pre-good!teeth. Also, pre hip-sway. Or maybe that's just because he sports overalls so you can't exactly observe his hips. But dammit, he certainly was an adorable fourteen year old. >_< So, in honor of the adorable, mini cap spam!

at a loss for a witty cut text, lol )

See how the innocence shines through? Hee. Anyway, only the first episode has been subbed, so I'll probably reserve judgment on the entire series for later. It seems interesting, but the ugly video quality (remember how this is from 10 years ago?) isn't really on the pro list.

( Ah. I feel like an "i ♥ matsujun" tag is in order. SRSLY. /end fangirl moment )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hayden_psyle!!
Happy Birthday [ profile] _evilcrayola_!!

Thanks to [ profile] poyayan I got my hands on Matsumoto Jun's first dorama starrer, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikembo (Files of Young Kindaichi) Season 03. Yeah, it had two previous seasons before this one, but who cares? They didn't have Jun in it. ^^;; (And aha! This is how [ profile] mklutz and I figured out why everything Jun does gets subbed. :p)

Anyway, I saw the first 3 episodes. Would have seen a lot more except [ profile] binsoup made me help out with the laundry. ^^; So anyway, as usual, thoughts... )

I've actually been wanting to make a Jun Spam entry for a while now. Show you how sucky his characters' fashion senses are. LOL. Tsukasa (HYD) especially. ^^;; Shin has, by far, the best fashion. Hajime too dresses alright, except he wear WTF CUTOFFS IN A FORMAL EVENT. O_o But anyway, I'll do that. Soon. Once I finish watching this and once I cap the Petto episodes and 6 more HYD eps. ^^; Then I'll bring you an entry where I both drool and laugh at the same time. :p

Anyway, interview follow-up. :) To anyone who still wants to be interviewed, the meme is ongoing here. Just comment with an "Interview Me."

More Interview Questions )

Come on people!! Post teh meme on your own LJs so I can have m0re questions to answer!!! ^__^

P.S. [ profile] kuro_inu, pasend naman nung overnight exemit pics o!! (:
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I usually have Mangathons during Holy Week (I didn't even manage to read any manga this year, unless you count my nth reread of Lovely Complex :p). But I wanted to do something new this year so I opted for a JDramathon. Although it was more a MatsuJunathon really. :p

Gokusen )
Hana Yori Dango )
Kimi wa Petto )
1 Litre of Tears )
Ultraman MAX )
Rocket Boys )

There was supposed to be a Jun rave here, but I felt too lazy. I just wanted to post this and get it over with so I can read the newly released Eyeshield 21 chapters. Heh. :p

Oh! And I also want mp3s of the piano versions of V6's Feel Your Breeze and Otsuka Ai's Planetarium. Who has them? Or who knows where I can download them? ^^;;;

I wish I made [ profile] poyayan download Kindaichi 3 for me earlier -- more MatsuJun goodness, nyah. :p Oh well, next time, with a bunch of other doramas friends are downloading. *cough*[ profile] kuro_inu[ profile] crux_australis*cough* I LOVE YOU GUYS. :D


FUCK DIE DIAL-UP!!! WHAT IS IT WITH THE 16.8 KBSP CONNECTION!?!?!?! &~^!&^#(!%$$##$@^!%& ><


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