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So, instead of getting some much needed rest last night, I chose to finish Good Luck!! instead. I think I fell too hard for this show. You can tell I really enjoyed something, if, afterward, I can think "Maa~ I can watch that again." Because that definitely went through my head when I finished this dorama. Sure, it had its fair share of cringe worthy grating drama, but all in all, I found it very well balanced. I liked the actors, the characters, the plot, the pacing, and most especially, the romance and the relationship build up.

PIC SPAM!!! And thoughts on the last two episodes )

This really is something I can watch all over again, if only for the scenes between Ogawa and Shinkai. Although, at the moment, I'm more in the mood for an Orange Days rewatch. Because Kou with Kimura Takuya is good and all, but Kou with Tsumabuki Satoshi is just. Plain. Awesome. ♥

I have to finish indexing for my LIS 64 term project first though. Guh.

P.S. My TricK 2 download is 70++% and steadily downloading (albeit at a rate of around 10-20 kbps). But at least by the time it finishes, I should be done with my finals, etc. Eeeeh. ♥
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The girl crush on Shibasaki Kou is on full-on mode! And I blame it all on Good Luck!! Ogawa Ayumi is my favorite type of cliche -- fast talking and sassy -- and Kou plays characters like that pretty well.

Also, Ayumi and Shinkai's relationship is just the right kind of mix that appeals to my (not so) secret hopeless romantic self. They'r enot overly cheesy, or showy, but you can see the chemistry (or at least I do, but maybe it's my bias towards Kou?) between them. And I love the pacing and the progress of their relationship. Episodes 5 and 6 makes me especially squee-y (even though the non Shinkai/Ayumi parts were overloaded with, IMHO, unnecessary drama).

I 'Ship, therefore I Squee )

The best thing about this dorama is, despite all the drama and the (AUGH!! *flail*) romance, it has the correct amount of light crack. I mean, with Takenaka Naoto and Kato Takako? I'm solved. Ever since Waterboys (the movie), Takenaka Naoto has been like Namase Katsuhisa for me. They both bring the right amount of crack needed for something. And Kato Takako? I'll refresh your brains, she plays Okami-san in both Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2.

I have 3 episodes left (well, 2 and a half since I'm watching episode 8 right now). I'm not sure I want to continue, because once I'm done, then there's no more. Eeeeh. ><


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