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So, instead of getting some much needed rest last night, I chose to finish Good Luck!! instead. I think I fell too hard for this show. You can tell I really enjoyed something, if, afterward, I can think "Maa~ I can watch that again." Because that definitely went through my head when I finished this dorama. Sure, it had its fair share of cringe worthy grating drama, but all in all, I found it very well balanced. I liked the actors, the characters, the plot, the pacing, and most especially, the romance and the relationship build up.

PIC SPAM!!! And thoughts on the last two episodes )

This really is something I can watch all over again, if only for the scenes between Ogawa and Shinkai. Although, at the moment, I'm more in the mood for an Orange Days rewatch. Because Kou with Kimura Takuya is good and all, but Kou with Tsumabuki Satoshi is just. Plain. Awesome. ♥

I have to finish indexing for my LIS 64 term project first though. Guh.

P.S. My TricK 2 download is 70++% and steadily downloading (albeit at a rate of around 10-20 kbps). But at least by the time it finishes, I should be done with my finals, etc. Eeeeh. ♥
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Been watching Trick 1 again this weekend, except this time around with TLB (and my father, sort of). This is because they saw the movie with me and ended up liking it, so I told TLB about the series, and he became interested in it and wanted to try it out -- see how TricK brings the family closer together? LOL~

Anyway, rewatching it, I realized one more thing lacking in the TricK movie. How come there wasn't any sign of Naoko's trademark "AHEHEHEHEHE" laugh? Hmm.

Oh! Also, I got to thinking: has anyone ever written NC-17 Ueda/Naoko fanfiction? Because with all the jabs at Ueda's big peenz and Naoko's flat chest, one would think that an Ueda/Naoko sex!fic would make for a funny one. I actually have it in my yhead, sort of, except it'd make for a sucky fic if I wrote it myself (and this is mostly because I know next to nothing about sex, and a little because I'm not sure I can do the characters justice). :p Can you imagine it? Haha, in my head, Ueda'd still be making fun of Naoko's non-boobs, so Naoko'll have to return it with some sort of jibe about his too-big-you-know-what. All while in the middle of The Deed -- makes for good banter, yes? Or maybe just in my head. XD But then, of course, later on Naoko'll have to realise that bigger is also better, ack!! Haha~


Before I go on, I have to say, am I the only one who misses Veronica's cute pink and green ensembles from the first season? And her short hair and the cute hairstyles that came along with the the length? Her outfits for this season aren't as heinous as early Season 2 (was anything even right during early season 2?!), and at least her hair looks good most of the time, but what was it with the tattoo-shirt-sleeves whatever thingy from episode 1?! And that vest-short-whatever during the same episode?! And I can't believe she wore that same thing on the Season 3 promo stills, wth?! Okay. Done with that now...

Veronica Mars 3x02: My Big Fat Greek Rush Week )

Joy, oh joy! I have Photoshop again! And because of that, and because I am the sort of person whose head hurts every time I try to remember where the hell else I've seen all the VM guest stars, and because I have capped thousands of caps from the first two episodes, I'm going to try and spam you guys with caps of guest stars from every episode. Then I try to guess where else I've seen them without looking at IMDB... much. Haha. :p

Veronica Mars: Oh My God It's...! )

And I have become a little curious about Supernatural as of late. Is it really any good? Cause so many VM fans are also a fan of that show. I wonder if I can get my hands on it anytime soon? (Doubt it though.)


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