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I think the VM hiatus has forced me into going back into full J-mode. After finishing Wolf's Rain and then watching episodes 01-11 of the Gokusen JDorama, I thought I'd go into a farkin' ShinKumi withdrawal. Not so much WR withdrawal, since it really is over, while, on the other hand, Gokusen still has episode 12 and one special. ^^;

Seeing as I already finished the 2 (very good) ShinKumi fics which can be found over at [ profile] shinkumi, I was desperate. But dammit, Gokusen fanfic is hard to find. And then I realised I still have that new Plastic Tree PV to watch. Blah. Damn new single is hard to come by though. NO ONE'S SEEDING. o_o But, anyway, I opened the PV and was sucked in all over again. So now I'm in JMusic mode.

Anyway, WARNING for a barely coherent, very random, not-so-organized entry. ^^;

listening to: Plastic Tree - Slide (live)
Gokusen: PIC SPAM!!! ) [/PIC SPAM] )
Plastic Tree: IS STILL LOVE~ )

listening to: Do As Infinity - Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari
Anyway, like I said (beneath the cut), I also saw some good ol' Meev PVs. Now, with Miyavi, I fangirl. And I mean FANGIRL. And that's the difference between me listening to Pura and me listening to meev. When I see meev on screen, I feel like screaming like a fangirl. Don't get me wrong, I love his songs, and I love his voice, it also has something different in it. But while I listened to Pura first, became a fan, then saw PVs, with meev, I saw and heard him in Ashita Genki ni Naare before becoming a fan. ^^; And he might seem like Gollum to other people (*cough*[ profile] _playback*cough* YOU WILL FEEL THE WRATH OF MEEV FANGIRLS AFTER THIS ENTRY >:p), but I have a huge fangirl crush on him and that's that. And really, believe me when I say I love his music just as much, even though his engrish is borderline sucky.

listening to: 雅~miyavi~ - shokubutsu ningen M no theme
Anyway, following the randomness, oiya [ profile] kikiam I finally have an mp3 version of DAI's Susume na Makemono!! Want a copy? XD I was able to rip it off from the clip. Finally. XD I found a prety decent converter/ripper. ;)

Along with DAI, Plastic Tree and Miyavi is Sakamoto Maaya in my playlist, my love for her renewed through watching Wolf's Rain. My playlist is ABSOLUTE LOVE right now. Although I still want that WR OST. ~__~

P.S. I JUST REALISED THAT I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE SANBIKA PV. Mou~ How stupid is that. :/ I hope its still available at [ profile] kurage. -_-;

ETA: Yesh! I have the PV and the single now! The wonders of Google and MP3 rotation sites. ♥


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