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Younha is a South Korean active both in Korean and Japanese Pop. She was nicknamed "Oricon Comet" following her success in Japan for the single ほうき星 (Comet), which was used as an ending theme for the Bleach anime.

This post will be updated with new releases and/or various other video clips (old/new). Just check for edits every now and then. Also, if something links to a file that isn't what's it's supposed please just leave a comment so I can fix. :D


birthname 고윤하 (go younha)
birthday 1988.04.29
origin seoul, south korea
Genre(s) J-Pop, K-Pop, Pop rock
Debut 2006.12.04 (Korea) ; 2004.10.20 (Japan)

Company Epic Records (Japan, 2004→2007), Geneon Entertainment/SISTUS RECORDS (Japan, 2008→), Stam Entertainment (Korea)
Education Korean University of Foreign Language
Languages Spoken: Korean, Japanese, English
Talents: Playing the piano, flute, traditional drum & castanets. Can use blind touch on the PC, wiggle her ears, and eat very spicy food.


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This is partly for [ profile] partypaprika, because I promised her pimpage, partly for me, just cause it's fandom indulging, and partly for everyone else because F.T Island is releasing their second Korean album on the 23rd so this can make for good anticipation. :D It took me days to finish but I'm glad I did it.

eta 090217 - DISCOGRAPHY UPDATED; just the discography though, not the profiles. wonbin's still here, not seunghyun :/


F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of a South Korean rock ballad band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island', each of the five members being a treasure.[1] The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea. — wiki:FTI
members · television · music videos · performances · discography · credits

F·T! I·S! L·A! N·D! LET'S GO!!!! )

So, okay, they play instruments and don't write their own music, they're young, give them time eventually it can happen. At least we can look forward to the day when they'll be penning their own stuff. I'm sure that day will be glorious. :D And of course, I don't claim to know everything about them, so if you think I should add (or omit) something feel free to leave comments. ♥

Also, feel free to spread the link around, it's not pimping if it doesn't get around after all:

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super junior t deserves rainbow and sparkles!!

you know it's the absolute truth; and totally not dial-up friendly, btw )

So, um, yeah, don't mind me. While everyone (with the possible exceptions of me and [ profile] seaborne, and I guess also [ profile] kikiam) is on M and H high, I kind of started missing T, who despite the inital LOLWTF of their modernized trot, is my absolute favorite SJ sub-group. They're like fucking escaped mental patients, and I love them for all that and more. Bonus downloads and tons of pic and clips under the cut, btw. :D:D:D

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] binsoup!!!


And I have apparently gotten myself involved in another completely addictive fandom. XO And so it goes, I want to thank the following people (LOL, its like I won at The Academy Awards ;p):

[ profile] mikkikoron: For even remotely mentioning this series to me. NEXT TIME YOU REC SOMETHING GIVE IT TO ME IMMEDIATELY!! :p Esp if its anything as good as this ~ ♥ DUDE IT IS SO MUCH LOVE I DON'T EVEN CARE IF YOU'RE A BIGBY FANBOI. XO Hey, 'til what issue do you have on you anyway? I want moooooooore.

[ profile] poyayan: Yay you! I love you so much for lending me the actual Issues #002 to #006. And more love because you burned me until Issue #034 on a CD and are downloading the 7th compilation for me. I CANNOT WAIT. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! XD

[ profile] memlu: I haven't been stalking you for a very long time, actually (read: we haven't been LJ friends for long), but already I love you so much for sharing the Fables love and having complete direct downloads on your LJ. Would you mind if I link to that entry? Say the word and I'll take the link down. I'd provide my own downloads if I could. Fables deserve lots more of fans. So more love to you because you're one of the select people on my flist who loves Fables too ~ ♥

More Ever Afters... [COMPLETE WITH SPOILERS! XO] )

P.S. Paubos na yung mangga, w007~!!!


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