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This is partly for [ profile] partypaprika, because I promised her pimpage, partly for me, just cause it's fandom indulging, and partly for everyone else because F.T Island is releasing their second Korean album on the 23rd so this can make for good anticipation. :D It took me days to finish but I'm glad I did it.

eta 090217 - DISCOGRAPHY UPDATED; just the discography though, not the profiles. wonbin's still here, not seunghyun :/


F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of a South Korean rock ballad band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island', each of the five members being a treasure.[1] The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea. — wiki:FTI
members · television · music videos · performances · discography · credits

F·T! I·S! L·A! N·D! LET'S GO!!!! )

So, okay, they play instruments and don't write their own music, they're young, give them time eventually it can happen. At least we can look forward to the day when they'll be penning their own stuff. I'm sure that day will be glorious. :D And of course, I don't claim to know everything about them, so if you think I should add (or omit) something feel free to leave comments. ♥

Also, feel free to spread the link around, it's not pimping if it doesn't get around after all:

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super junior t deserves rainbow and sparkles!!

you know it's the absolute truth; and totally not dial-up friendly, btw )

So, um, yeah, don't mind me. While everyone (with the possible exceptions of me and [ profile] seaborne, and I guess also [ profile] kikiam) is on M and H high, I kind of started missing T, who despite the inital LOLWTF of their modernized trot, is my absolute favorite SJ sub-group. They're like fucking escaped mental patients, and I love them for all that and more. Bonus downloads and tons of pic and clips under the cut, btw. :D:D:D

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This is a (slightly) epic entry about the (more than slightly) epic friendship of one Lee Hyukjae and one Kim Junsu. And no, sadly, I'm not writing this because I lost a bet or whatever.

I actually thought against writing this entry considering I know next to nothing about Junsu (lmao, for the longest time I kept confusing him with Yoochun, just ask [ profile] kikiam, she knows, she's the one who kept forcfeeding me all these Koreans who look alike anyway). Lol, if the DBSK fans used to know of Hyuk as that dude in Suju who's best friends with Junsu, I'm kind of the opposite. (Only kind of because I've known about DBSK for years now, except I got forcefed more with Jaejoong stuff, haha.)

But anyway, this entry is really more for myself, because I just can't resist awesome friendships, and I need all of these stories tied together in one place, and if no one else is gonna do it, then I might as well myself.

cut for lengthy blabbering on some retarded epic bff-ery )

OH MAN. That was longer than intended. I wonder if anyone even reached this part of the post? Haha. But if anyone has any more Hyuksu tidbits to share, or more Videos for sharing just comment. (Or if you think I should credit someone that I didn't, just say so.) Even though admittedly it's kind of retarded how I can spend an entire afternoon just typing useless stuff like this, I still can't get enough of these two. ;_;

Look [ profile] kikiam! I actually went ahead and wrote this entry. THIS IS BECAUSE YOU WENT TO TRINOMA AND I HAD A VERY BORING AFTERNOON. So don't laugh, okay? Okay.

[ profile] cookiehour!! I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I didn't know. ;_; dgfcdjhgk; I wasn't even able to get back to you on AIM last night. :(:(:( But I hope you had a good one. :DDDD
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time for bullets!!

→ attention: [ profile] wapepepepe!! CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPTS FROM 2005!!! there are around three to four more conference transcripts left to post. i'll try to post at least two of them by tonight. do they not make you feel utterly nostalgic? and if that isn't enough:

→ i gave in and applied to write the shin/yankumi 'ship manifesto. i got the go signal and the deadline is on march 24!! let's hope i actually push through with this. you all know me and my tendency to leave things half-finished. anybody want to help with this project? yespleaseplease?

→ the nodame cantabile specials!! asdfghjkkjhsdfhjjkl; i have been waiting for this ever since it was announced!! but m'kay, i guess i can wait just a little bit more for the subtitles?

→ i am thinking about doing [ profile] 50bookchallenge again this year. and possibly the 100 movies thing. i was able to read fifty books last year, but i never got around to listing the last ten here. behh. typical of me.

the let's-get-to-know-each-other meme entry is still here. go get busy with it! also, revamped profile page. :)

tekkon kinkreet has such wonderful colors )

→ for the love of god, why can't i find a copy of orson scott card's ender's game in any book store i go to?! the sequels are all there, but why not the first book, wtfh?!

→ lastly, this year, I RESOLVE TO COMMENT ON MY FLIST MORE. and on fanfiction i read too! (unless i have nothing constructive to say, in which case, i will just keep my mouth shut.) i'm still feeling guilty about only ever commenting TWICE on [ profile] iruka11's journal despite the fact that we've been online friends even before we were on LJ. :|

if you didn't know, joe quesada is still the biggest fucktard ever. i'd talk about his fucktardness more, except i don't think i can do it coherently and i will probably just keysmash anger. :|
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... is what nino said. i was going to go with this poll, but i accidentally left my copies of the doramas that won at home, when we left for my father's hometown. my love for nino has been quickly growing so i thought i'd re-watch stand up!! (because finally, there are proper hard subs out, not to mention i want to watch it again because back then i barely cared about nino), but instead i ended up watching akimahende!, which aired in japan way back in 1998.

have i ever mentioned my adsgfhjgkhl;♥ utter weakness for chibi!nino? CHIBI!NINO WHO WAS STILL ALL "OH I'M SO COOL" AND HAD YET TO EMBRACE HIS INNER RETARDED DORK? yeah, well, the character nino plays in akimahende is that chibi!nino personified characterized.

1998 — AKIMAHENDE!!; with chibi!nino picspam )

p.s. i once read somewhere that nino's always had black gums and that his gums shouldn't be a proof of his heavy smoking. they don't seem that dark to me here, what do you think? especially compared to nino's gums now. :|

happy new year!!
may 2008 be a good year for all of us. :)

geh. i missed so much in the two days i was gone, so just, yeah. this is a happy new year greeting for all of you. :)
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so nhere's episode 3. i'm still halfway through my rewatch of episode 4 though, so that might take some time. school's finally started again, and i only have sundays off. (boo!) not like anyone even cares about these pic spams, i just really enjopy doing them, heh.

this time we start with a busy-busy yankumi looking out for her precious students' future.

episode 3; )

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(haha, that line never gets old.)

sure, i've seen gokusen at least a dozen times over, but recently, i thought i wanted to watch it again. this time not only as an obsessive shinkumi fan but as a !$&^*%*&^*&!&^wordscannotexpress matsujun fangirl. ^^; (basic result: i helplessly snigger everytime he's on screen — apparently i still can't get past the ugly teeth, lol.)

as i thought, a picspam came out of it, and i'm only up `til episode 3, haha. (y'now, tbh, i think i unconsciously require myself to spazz over gokusen at least once a year. no, really.)

let's start with a newly woken, slightly tousled yankumi. just because we can. :D

episode 2;  )

you know, i do think jun was best at being momo (kimi wa petto) and that he totally owned being domyouji (hana yori dango), but no matter what, it seems i still like matsujun as shin best. ♥

for narishun_kun, some matsuyama kenichi in gokusen, haha )

and i will insert more kenichi just for you the next time i do a gokusen pic spam, lol. actually this entry was supposed to be for episodes 2 and 3, but it became much more spamm-y than i thought it would. here's sto hoping i have the patience to do all the episodes. i'm kind of aiming for it, heh. :)

lastly, there's supposed to be a jun drama next season (with kato ai accdg to rumors). i kind of both want it and not so much. jun's already shooting TWO MOVIES after all. he's going to look all exhausted again like in 2006. :|
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eeeh! i thought i lost my copy of the last few episodes of samurai champloo, but i found them again, so now i can get on with that re-watch i've been wanting to do for a while (um, yeah, since i can't – not won't, can't – download anything new these days, i've just been re-watching and re-reading a bunch of stuff). only now, can someone provide me with (links or copies on a cd, *cough*) the effing soundtrack? i'd love you to bits forever. you can even own part of my soul, if you want.

nowadays, i think i can only go through an entire anime series if it had good soundtrack. (esp since good ost usually also means decent enough animation.)

moving on, few of you probably know this, but taiho shichauzo!! (aka you're under arrest!!) used to be one of my favorite anime. to go with it, tokairin/natsumi was (and is) one of my favorite anime 'ships. i had nothing better to do so i decided to re-watch a couple of yua episode featuring them and ended up with this semi-picspam instead. the images are of a crappy quality (since they're only really just vcd caps, not dvd quality ones, or even avi ones) but i just had to. hee.

kitto, love somebody )

up next: the movie and season 2, lol. ♥ oh shit, except i don't have a copy of the second season. boo. D:

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Everytime Mizuki goes "Sano! Sano!" I just roll my eyes now. Whatever. To be honest, Sano/Mizuki was never a favorite 'ship, and now, for some reason, they even annoy me. (And don't even get me started on Mizuki flying all the way to Japan from America. T_T) The real reason why the Hana Kimi jdrama is worth watching regularly? It's so I can spam you guys with Nakatsu and Taiki. ♥

ikemen paradise ~ 02, 03 )

Anyway, that's all for now. I still haven't seen the fourth episode. But expect more Nakatsu-and-Taiki spam entries once I do, heh. ♥

P.S. Also, Graituitous Icon Post YAY! ♥ (Um, I just realized that this post has way too many ♥s. Haha.)
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I've always considered Hanazakari no Kimitachi e one of my favorite shoujo titles, despite the fact that I totally lost interest in the two main characters around the end of its serialized run.

I was excited when I found out that there was going to be a (Japanese) drama. I imagined all sorts of awesomeness from it.

hana kimi has one of the most awesome otps ever, and it's not who you think )

The entire first episode I was just waiting around for Nakatsu, Taiki, and Nakatsu-and-Taiki scenes – letting out squees of glee every time they were on screen. I hope the rest of the series is powdered with more. ♥

(I wonder if there's going to be a Julia though. The Nakatsu/Julia scenes would be priceless too. :D)


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