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I've always considered Hanazakari no Kimitachi e one of my favorite shoujo titles, despite the fact that I totally lost interest in the two main characters around the end of its serialized run.

I was excited when I found out that there was going to be a (Japanese) drama. I imagined all sorts of awesomeness from it.

hana kimi has one of the most awesome otps ever, and it's not who you think )

The entire first episode I was just waiting around for Nakatsu, Taiki, and Nakatsu-and-Taiki scenes – letting out squees of glee every time they were on screen. I hope the rest of the series is powdered with more. ♥

(I wonder if there's going to be a Julia though. The Nakatsu/Julia scenes would be priceless too. :D)
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I usually have Mangathons during Holy Week (I didn't even manage to read any manga this year, unless you count my nth reread of Lovely Complex :p). But I wanted to do something new this year so I opted for a JDramathon. Although it was more a MatsuJunathon really. :p

Gokusen )
Hana Yori Dango )
Kimi wa Petto )
1 Litre of Tears )
Ultraman MAX )
Rocket Boys )

There was supposed to be a Jun rave here, but I felt too lazy. I just wanted to post this and get it over with so I can read the newly released Eyeshield 21 chapters. Heh. :p

Oh! And I also want mp3s of the piano versions of V6's Feel Your Breeze and Otsuka Ai's Planetarium. Who has them? Or who knows where I can download them? ^^;;;

I wish I made [ profile] poyayan download Kindaichi 3 for me earlier -- more MatsuJun goodness, nyah. :p Oh well, next time, with a bunch of other doramas friends are downloading. *cough*[ profile] kuro_inu[ profile] crux_australis*cough* I LOVE YOU GUYS. :D


FUCK DIE DIAL-UP!!! WHAT IS IT WITH THE 16.8 KBSP CONNECTION!?!?!?! &~^!&^#(!%$$##$@^!%& ><


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